Windows applications for displaying keystrokes in real-time


License: Free, under Microsoft Public Licence
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Carnac displays the keys which you press in one or more tiny windows.

Carnac Demo animation

By default, the windows appear starting from the top-left corner. To change this go to the general tab of Carnac window, click on the corner you want and then specify an offset

Carnac changing window position

There is an appearance tab in there as well, which is easy to miss. Since I find Carnac’s default appearance to be quite good, I decided to stick with it. In order to pause Carnac press Ctrl+Alt+P, to resume press Ctrl+Alt+P again.  Carnac has some nice display touches as well, like if you press the backspace multiple times, it will show something like back x 5, instead of multiple backspaces.

Carnac demo picture

One problem, which I found with Carnac, is that it does not display windows key if it is pressed alone.

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