Windows applications for displaying keystrokes in real-time


License: Free lite version and paid pro version

QiPress have a feature-limited version, which is free for personal use and a pro version, which is non-free. Here is how the pro version looks.

QiPress demo animation

QiPress visualizes both key presses and mouse clicks. The pro version comes with a large number of features, and almost every aspect of the program is configurable. As for the free version, the mouse-click display is a big plus, but otherwise, it is severely limited.   Let us look at some of the main features of the pro version.

Visual mouse feature displays a small mouse animation; it visualizes mouse actions like click and drag really well.

Visual mouse feature demo animation

You can use cursor halo option to put a halo around the cursor or to turn the cursor into a kind of spotlight.

Cursor Halo demo animation

Cursor spotlight demo animation

You can use the scribble tool to scribble on any part of the screen.

Scribble tool demo animation

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