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How to change language of Google account using Google website

Reading Time: 2 min


Fix for language change not working

Sometimes even after changing the language, the old language might persist in the UI. This often happens when you revisit the site. Here are a couple of possible solutions.

Solution 1: Change language in Google homepage

Go to the Google homepage. See if your language is shown in the list of offered languages.

Google Homepage

Click on your language to choose it, this would prevent cached settings of the homepage from interfering with your personal pages.

Solution 2: Clear browser cache

Another solution is to clear the browser cache. Clearing the entire browser cache will log you out of all websites and you may lose many of your website preferences. So first try to clear only Google’s cookies, clear the entire cache only if that does not work. The steps for clearing cookies and cache is different in different browsers. Let us see how to do the is in chrome.

Clear Google’s cookies

Clear the whole cache