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Vegas Pro: Re-number markers

Reading Time: 1 min

Tags:  Windows Applications

Vegas numbers markers in the order they are added. If you have added markers out-of-order in the timeline their numbering will not match their order in the timeline. Deleting markers can also lead to a mismatch between the order of a marker in the timeline and its number.

Vegas markers out of order in the timeline

This behavior may not be what you want, in which case the markers can be renumbered using the Edit details window.

Here is a video showing all the steps

From the View menu choose Window ➾ Edit Details or press ALT+6

Vegas view menu expanded

In the Edit Details window select Markers from the Show drop-down list. Then click on the top left corner cell to select all markers.

Vegas edit details window

Press CTRL+X to cut all markers and then press CTRL+V to paste the markers back, this would renumber markers in the timeline.

Markers after renumbering