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Windows 10 Start Menu : Run as administrator using keyboard shortcut

Reading Time: 1 min

Tags:  Windows

Consider the steps needed for running an application as administrator using the Start Menu. After searching for the application, your hands will be on the keyboard. Then you have to reach for the mouse, move it to the already highlighted program, and then use the context menu. Turns out that there is a keyboard shortcut for running programs as Administrator from the Start Menu.

First, search for the item in the start menu.

Searching for PowerShell in Start Menu

Then press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. You will see the familiar UAC prompt.

UAC prompt for PowerShell

It is possible to use this method for the programs list on the left pane of the Start Menu as well.

select Start Menu item

But then you have to select the item first using the arrow keys. In this case, it is probably better to just use the mouse and the context menu.