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Desktop notifications for Google Calendar in Chrome

By default, Google Calendar shows notifications as alert boxes inside Chrome; like the one shown below. Why desktop notifications are better than alerts These alerts are visible only when the Calendar tab is active. So if the Chrome window is not active or you are viewing another tab inside Chrome, you will not see the alert. Chrome’s alerts are not really cut out for Calendar notifications. Web-pages usually show them in response to some user action, like loading the page or closing the page.

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Increase VLC Media Player volume to more than 125%

By default, the volume slider in VLC allows you to increase the volume up to 125%. If you have a file with really low, inaudible audio, you may want to boost the volume above 125%. Increasing audio volume above 100% percent causes audio distortion; it may harm your audio equipment; extremely loud sounds could even cause hearing damage. Prolonged exposure to moderately loud sounds also causes hearing damage. Use this option only for files whose volume is very low.

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Change background and text color in PDF readers

In this post, I will describe how to change the default page background and text color in some popular PDF viewers. I will be replacing the default black on white theme with colors similar to the Solarized-Light theme.

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