Disabling cache in Chrome using Developer Tools for web page testing

Caching in chrome can be disabled temporarily using chrome developer tools.

Open developer tools by pressing CONTROL+SHIFT+I in Windows or COMMAND+OPTION+I on a Mac. This shortcut opens whichever developer tools panel was last open. 
In the network panel, enable the Disable cache option.
Chrome developer tools Network panel with Disable cache option enabledAn important thing to remember is this option would be in effect only as long as Developer Tools is open. 

If you want to clear resources which have already been cached, do the following. With developer tools still open, right-click the reload button or click and hold down the left mouse button on the reload button. You will see the reload menu shown below.
Reload menuClick Empty Cache and Hard Reload. You need to do this only once, after that you can just do the normal reload and nothing will be cached, provided of course that Developer Tools is still open.

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