Solution for Windows Terminal not starting

Since the new Windows Terminal is still in active development, it often tends to develop starting troubles, especially after Windows updates. Here are three possible solutions.

Make a backup of the settings.json (formerly profiles.json) file before attempting these solutions. The first solution does not require a backup but it is better to make one anyway. Settings.json can be found in %LocalAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.WindowsTerminal_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState

Solution 1: Repair

Search for Windows Terminal in the Start Menu. Right-click on Windows Terminal and choose App Settings. This option is also available in Settings ➾ Apps ➾ Apps and features ➾ Windows Terminal ➾ Advanced options.

Scroll down and click the repair button.

Solution 2: New settings.json

Move the settings.json file out of %LocalAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.WindowsTerminal_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState. Try starting the Windows Terminal, it will create a brand new settings.json file. If it works, you can try to copy the old settings back bit by bit to see where it breaks.

Solution 3:  Reset

In the App Settings window which we opened earlier (see solution 1), click the reset button.  It will delete all the data of the app. Use this option only if the other options do not work.

5 thoughts on “Solution for Windows Terminal not starting”

  1. The terminal doesn’t show up in the apps & features list for me, windows security also doesn’t show up. Neither opens or works. Wt* windows11

    1. If Windows Terminal shows up in Start Menu Search, you can right-click on it to access App Settings. But since Windows Security is not opening either your problem is likely something else.

  2. None of that worked. I actually have tried Uninstalling & Reinstalling, Restarting, Uninstalling, Restarting, Reinstalling, Restarting, then running it & it doesn’t work. It has never worked, so a repair & a reset are no problem, but no solution either. I did notice when i went looking for the Settings.json file that there isn’t one in the folder at all. That may just be because the app has never opened, no idea. I tried creating a blank file named “settings.json” but it didn’t change anything. When I try to open it the ribbon on any open folder turns black for a second then goes back, the entry in the start menu will have a line on it, then disappears, but it doesn’t even close the start menu.
    I just did a “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth – DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth – DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth – SFC /scannow – CHKDSK /r c:” after uninstalling & restarting, then restarted, reinstalled, restarted again & still have the same problem.

    1. You are right, the settings.json file is created automatically when you run Windows Terminal the first time. You should delete the empty settings.json file. Here are a few things you can try, but I must admit they are just wild guesses.
      1. Go to App execution aliases in Windows Settings and toggle the Terminal off and on.
      2. Try running wt.exe from Run or the start menu. Once the App execution alias is set for Windows Terminal, wt.exe should be in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps. Path to wt.exe is supposed to be automatically set.
      3. Try installing Windows Terminal using a different method from the one you are using.


    What a waste of time upgrading to windows 11, shit OS full of bugs and this is just one of them

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