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How to get spell check to work on Ghostwriter for Windows

Reading Time: 2 min

Tags:  Windows Applications

  1. Download Ghostwriter for Windows. At the time of writing this,
    only the portable version is available.
  2. Extract the zip file where your want to install the program.
  3. Create a folder called dictionaries in the application folder.
  4. Create a folder called data in the application folder. I am not sure
    if this is necessary, but you need it if you want to make the
    application fully portable.
  5. The next step is to download Hunspell dictionary. From the page choose the dictionary you want.
  6. Go to the dictionary page using any browser other than Firefox.
  7. Find the “Download file” link option on the page. It can be a little
    hard to find; download the file.
  8. The downloaded file will have the .xpi extension. You should be able
    to open this file in a file archiver application like 7-zip or WinRAR.
    If these are not available, renaming the file to zip might allow the
    Windows built-in zip extractor to work.
  9. Copy the two dictionary files to the dictionaries folder we created
    earlier. These files have the extensions .aff and .dic.
  10. Go to Ghostwriter ➾ Settings ➾ Preferences ➾ Spell Check ➾
    Dictionary. Choose the dictionary you want. Enable the “Live spell check
    enabled” option to get the real-time spell check feature. You may have
    to restart the program and turn “Live spell check enabled” on and off,
    to get it to actually work. There is also a manual spell check option in
    Edit ➾ Spell check.