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How to re-watch an Ad in Youtube

Reading Time: 1 min

Sometimes you come across and an interesting Ad on Youtube and want to watch it again. If you decide to watch the Ad again before it is over then you are in luck. Here is how to rewatch an Ad.

Step 1: Pause the Ad

Step 2: Right-click on the video and choose Stats for nerds

Step 3: From the Video ID/sCPN row, note down the video Id. In the picture below the Video Id would be FRxEq4aqOi8. For a copy-paste alternative see below.

The copy-paste method is equally tedious but it at least helps you avoid typing mistakes. Instead of choosing Stats for nerds choose Copy debug info.

Paste the debug info into a text file. Then search for addebug_videoId.

Step 4: Youtube URLs have the format Replace the video_id with the id you found. In our example, this would be