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VirtualDub: Save frame as image

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Tags:  Windows Applications

VirtualDub can be used to save individual frames or a sequence of frames as images. Video players like VLC, Media Player classic, etc have this functionality as well but VirtualDub supports smoother seeking than your average video player. Also, most video players do not support saving a sequence of images.

By default, VirtualDub does not support many containers or formats, it is primarily an AVI editor. Install the VirtualDub FFmpeg input plugin to gain support for most of the video formats and containers.

Saving a single frame

The easiest way to save a single frame is probably to use the Copy Frame option of VirtualDub with an Image Editor like MS Paint. If you want to save the image directly from VirtualDub please see the next section about saving a sequence of frames.

From the Video Menu choose the option Copy Source Frame to Clipboard.  You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+1 This copies the current frame to the system clipboard.

Video Menu of VirtualDub

Open MSPaint and use the paste option to paste the image from the clipboard to a new file. Select the save option and choose an appropriate file type to save as.

The save as dialog box of MSPaint

Saving a sequence of frames

First, select the frames which you want to save. From File Menu choose Export ➾ Image Sequence.

VirtualDub save image sequence

Here you can select the output file type, file name, file name padding, etc.