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Winrar: Cleanup context menu

Reading Time: 1 min

Tags:  Windows Applications

A default Winrar installation adds a large number of items to the explorer context menu.

Winrar flat context menu

As you can see, the Winrar items are in a flat format. Cut, copy et al. have been pushed way down the list. Switching to a cascading format will shrink the Menu to a more reasonable height. Cascading format means a sub-menu for Winrar items.

Go to the Options menu and choose settings.

Winrar Options menu with Settings highlighted

Select the Integration tab and tick the Cascaded context menus check box.

Winrar Integration tab

The menu will now look like this.

Winrar cascaded context menu

Another thing you can do is to remove unwanted items from the context menu. Choose the Context menu items button from the Integration tab shown above.

Context menu items button

Here you can deselect unwanted items.

Context Menu Items

Open with WinRar (for usual archives) entry is probably not needed if you have associated WinRar with said archives. Many users should be able to forgo the e-mail related entries as well.